Zombie Life

Do you watch The Walking Dead? I kinda wound up watching it begrudingly because my Mom wanted to watch it. I kow. Weird.

I'm a big fan of zombie movies and the like. Dawn of the Dead is a great movie. And The Walking Dead is not a bad tv show.

I'm kinda ticked off at Game of Thrones. The very end of Season 2 featured a very angry and organized zombie army. Yet in seaon 3 we've seen nothing of them.

On the other hand, it's pretty funny to think about zombies in terms of regular people. Married and grumpy and tired of the same old dinner night after night. Which in their case would be human brains.

I often wonder what is the human obsession with zombies. It's not like anyone's ever seen any. Or maybe they have. Chew on that.

I dunno. If I were zombie husband I would be sick of brains already too. So I can't really blame him. But if I were zombie wife I really wouldn't know what else to serve. As it is my understanding that the zombie markets don't sell much else. They're not big on cucumber and romaine as I understand it.

Zombie husband should quit his complaining and take zombie wife out to a nice restaurant. He never does that anymore. Not since she had the zombie baby.

It's hard being undead. Life doesn't stop just because someone chewed off your arms.