I've embarked on a new career. Or new job at least. It's totally different from anything else I've ever done. There's a lot of interaction with strangers. Then there's also a lot of doing virtually nothing. In many ways it's a dream job. Getting paid to do almost nothing. Hours can go by where all I do is look at a video feed or briefly walk through a room.

There are periods where there is heavy service to clients. But they are brief.

The one drawback is that during all this doing almost nothing you can't play on your phone or tablet. There isn't any internet to dick around on. You're literally doing nothing.

I tend to doodle in a notebook. Or write some poetic phrases.

I consider myself quite lucky to have landed this job. Overall it's very little work for pretty decent pay.

What's really interesting about it is the authroty aspect. We're required to be in charge of people. Enforce rules and regulations. It's a bit of a trip in that way.

The funny thing is I got ignored or overlooked for numerous jobs for which I was way more qualified. But for this one I was fortunate in that the guy interviewing me took a liking.

I think this illustrates the quirkiness of interviewing for a job. If you meet the minimum criteria, the rest is up to the personal preference of the interviewer. They either like you or they don't.