Mad Men

I only just watched the season finale of Mad Men tonight. Don Draper was fired! DANG! Not only was he fired, but he was unceremoniously replaced with his arch enemies. HARSH!

This totally hit home for me as I had a similar experience recently.

Don Draper is so good and so confident in how good he is at his his job that he never imagined even for a moment that he could be let go. Let alone replaced by those he's certain are his pale inferiors.

I was never quite as sure of myself as Mr. Draper, but I was pretty darn comfortable in my positions when they pulled the rug out from under me. It's a jarring experience to say the least.

After so many years of being succesfful at what you do, a little while of not so much success doesn't really feel like a trip to the edge. There are hints and sign, but you shrug them off. Denial is a valid coping mechanism.

You know it's coming. But you refuse to commit to knowing it. When it finally happens you're not surprised, but you are extremely hurt. You feel utterly betrayed. You've worked with these people for years. They are your second family. You can't fathom how they can ever discard you in such a way.

But then there it is in your lap. Like so much vomit. And you know it'll stain. And you'll never wear that outfit again.

So you walk away. Angry and bruised and naked. Unsure if anything will ever fit again.

As Don Draper's reality unravelled I felt his grief. And was comforted by the fact that we were alone together in our drowning.

Next stop... Walter White and his broken bads.