Poor Conditioning

Food Network amuses me in oh so many ways. I've been watching Next Food Network Star. There's a ontestant on it who calls herself 'semi-vegetarain'. I read enough Yahoo qestions and answers to know vegetarians are none too fond of people who play at being half assesd vegetarian. You either are or you aren't. There's no such thing as a semi-vegetarain.

They'd be better off selling themselves as a moderate omnivore. Or a sledom meat eater.

I find myself in the same situation. I was vegetarian. Then I was vegan. Then I was vegetarian again. Now I'm not vegetarian. But not really an omnivore. I eat very little meat. Nevertheless, that doesn't qualify me as a vegetarian. More of a disinterested or lazy omnivore. Socially conscious meat eater pehaps.

This whole trend of eathing meat, but much less is wonderful in my opinion. Better lots of people eat less meat than a few eat none. Law of averages and all.

People's obsession with meat perplexes me. Chicken is bland, yet people devour it voraciously. It's like this stubborn caveman gene in them refuses to turn off. Very few people actually enjoy eating chicken. Yet they feel compelled to do so. They don't feel they're truly eaten unless they've consumed dead flesh. It's a mentality. It had nothing to do with nutritiona or need. It's just conditioning.

I cooked some chicken thigh for my mom. Braised in rice a roni mix. She loved them. Melt in your mouth stuff. I asked her why if the same dish has faux chicken in it it wouldn't be as good. She didn't have an answer. I asked her how the dish would suffer if it were beans instead of meat and she couldn't say.

It's just conditioning. We've been taught that meat is the meal. We can just as easily. be taught different.