Undead TV

I recently watched the pilot episode of a british tv show titled Survivors. It was a 90 minute plunge into fantastic darkness. I totally loved it. Every dismal and disasterous apocalyptic minute. The end of the world totally turns me on.

I've been exploring a lot of british television shows lately. As the american variety have been less than spectacular.

The Village is another interseting bit. I remember Jon Simm from the series Life on Mars. The real life on mars. Not the fake american incarnation that failed miserably. The Village being a period piece is not for everyone. I loved the first episode and was kinda bored by the second. But Since I was so intrigued by the pilot I am still interested in viewing episode number three. Any show can have a misstep.

The season finale to Orphan Black was spot on awesome. Fast paced and emotionally wrenching. Orphan Black had a great begining. A mediocre middle. And an aweseome finish. Which by and large is a winner in my book.

Lastly, In The Flesh was touted by my favorite critic at TV Guide, Matt Rousch as Rectify throug the eyes of the undead. I adored Rectify. That guy who plays Daniel just tugs at my heart strings. I don't know why, but I just want to be around him. So naturally this comparison led me to be interested in In The Flesh. It's quirky and warm and interesting. But for me there is no comparison. Rectify kicks its partiall deceased ass. Keiren is just not (pardon the pun) flesh out enough as a character. He's lacking. There's enormous potential, but it falls a little bit short. Still it's very watchable and quite enjoyable nonethelesss. But Rectify is must see tv. In the Flesh is just kinda want to see. It takes more than zombies to make a series something special.