Awkward Trajectories

I've been writhing uncomfortably in my new reality. As a co-worker. As an agent of society. As a member of humanity. It's warm and moist and sticky. Like melting peppermint candies. I hate peppermint.

We've been stumbling toward our mutual nothings. pounding softly on old drums. waiting for the melody to resume. it doesn't. won't. can't. I'm not sure which. Does it matter. The thump of the emtpy dance is all we can muster. fractions of  a song. we only just barely ever heard.

the angles confess us. the hours bite down. eager for flesh. the ink on eternity. the knots of the end. simple predators approach the hunt. with minimal expectation. in spite of their burrowing hunger.

we'll never be as close to the edge as we are now. still there's no falling. just enjoying the descent.