Ice Cream, You Scream

One of the few benefits to living in a condo are daily summertime visits from the ice cream truck. This year we've been quite fortunate. Instead of the usual Good Humor truck, we've been blessed with the soft ice cream truck. Who doesn't love soft ice cream best?

Normally I abstain from such indulgences. But recently a craving struck. I was waiting and waiting. For what seemed like an eternity. For the ice cream truck to arrive in my neighborhood at an early enough hour that the treat would be welcome. Fianlly today at around 3PM today it showed up. It's song blaring and it's soft ice cream fluffy, creamy, cold and ready to please.

For $2.25 I was able to purchase a medium sized cone. For 25 cents extra I could add the privilege of sprinkles - rainbow or choocolate - dealer's choice. Which I did. Rainbow. Always rainbow.

Normally I don't get excited by such things. But I've been watching my caloric intake for months now. And have shed some poundage. And was craving a treat for at least a week now. Finally, at long last, my opportunity arrived. It was a sweet, icy, delicious treat. Worth every single penny.

Living in a condo is mostly a pain in the ass. Noisy neighbors. Parking space disputes. Tyrranical home owner's association. But in the end, the ice cream man makes it all worthwhile.