Borderline Psychosis

Looking for a reason why you're fat? Maybe you were born that way. The fact is genetics plays an enormous role in the condition of your body. You can diet and exercise and do what you will. but circumstances might have other plans.

It's sounds defeatist and maybe it is, but reality tends to be unkind.

The fact is some folks can eat whatever they like and others can't. Some of us spend our lives monitoring our caloric intake only to barely scratch the surface of an acceptable weight. While others consume freely and without consequence.

Happy and fat or miserable and thin. That is the question of the centtury. I've never been one of the beautiful people. Never will be. Have often wondered what that would be liek. To have choices. Options. Prosepcts.

It seems strnage to me. Given that a vagina surrounded by a fat person will vield the same results are one of a thin person. but that is the short of it. and short it is.

it's funny penisses don't suffer the same fate. but women are so much more willing to hate themselves and each other.