Late Night Construction

It's 12:08AM and I'm still hearing the rumbling of heavy machinery doing work on the parkway. It's a Wednesday/Thursday night. What exactly gives the state the right to keep citizens up at night? It's our tax dollars paying for those parkway renovations and yet we're the ones being inconvenienced. How are people supposed to go to sleep and get up for work the morning? To pay all those taxes that are funding this very noisy, late night construction.

It's just ridiculous the way we are treated by the government. We're nothing to them. Just wallets without faces attached.

And who do you call to complain about it at midnight on a Thursday. No government offices are open. The elected officials and their entourage are sleeping soundly in their beds while all of my thoughts are being rattled by backhoes and whatever else.

They want us to get up and go to work every morning so they can take way too much of our money out of our paycheck, but they don't want to let us sleep.

Can I retain some of the NJ State income taxes I pay for the incovenience.

Just hightlights how little repsect the government has for the people who pay their salaries.