Reproduction is Murder

Contrary to popular believe, having children is the selfish act. Not the other way around. The crazy notion that making mini me's is a contribution to society is stark raving lunacy. The last thing the world needs is more people. There are already way too many people.

People have children for very selfish reasons. Nothing else. They have children so people will exist who love them unconditionally. People have children to trap partners into remaining in their life. People have children because they want to create a legacy and live on long after they are dead. None of these reasons are in any way, shape or form selfless. They are in fact, the exact opposite. They are 100% entirely selfish. They serve the self and the self only.

I want there to be a new mentality. A realistic mentality. A truthful mentality. Choosing to have children is an entirely selfish act that harms society and the planet on the whole. This is the reality of it. Like it or not. You can still do it. No one can stop you as of yet. But the idea that you're doing the world or anyone in it a favor is utterly absurd. Complete nonsense!

You are contributing to the rapid ruination of the planet. You are making the world more crowded. You are depleting resources that much faster. You are neccessitating the need for factory farming and deforestation. You are adding to the strain on the environment and the economy. You are multiplying pollution.

The short of it is this. People who have children are the most wreckless, selfish people there are. People who have children are destroying the world.