Complicit Madness

$174 billion... that's how much it's costing New Jerseyites to expand the parkway between exists 90 and 100. Or so the internet told me. Seems kinda steep if you ask me. I bet they coulda haggled it a bit lower. Just saying. That's a pretty astronomical figure. $174 billion? I think I'd prefer to sit in traffic a while and keep my money.

I'd also rather have more sidewalks. They'd be more useful. Or more bike lanes. Instead encouraging travel by car. It'd be nice if bike and pedetraian traffic were equally as encouraged.

Have you ever had your key get stuck in your ignition? It happens. It's a thing.

That's kind of a good metaphore for what life is like lately. You can go places. But you can't stay anywhere. Because you're vulnerable.

She echoed that common, ignorant and racist sentiment that Obama is muslim. I thought to myself, even if he is, what's the problem. But he's not of course. That's just something haters like to use again him. I'm not his biggest fan. I used to be. But not so much anymore. I like him. Certainly prefer him greatly to the alternatives. He just had so much more potentiial than ever came to fruition. I don't blame all that on him, but either way, it's disappointing.

I guess those of a religious persuasion can't see it so easily. That they all seem crazy from an outsiders perspective. The demoninations and the semanctics of worship are irrelevant. You're all crazy. Doesn't matter what you name it, what book you use to justify it. or the wacky rules you use to make it seem important. you're all crazy.