Life in the Future

changes in the American workforce are unsettling. The fact is a majority of current workers are at retirement age or beyond. If you haven't already noticed your basic cashiers are senior citizens or close to it. Leaving less job opening for the younger set.

The shift in the global economy has produces a stop gap. most people are completely retiring. Instead they're are maintaining or seeking part time work. This is stealing those jobs from the younger workforce.
I increasingly see retirement age (or close to it) persons manning jobs traditionally reserved for the twenties something set. Give this discrepancy it's any one's guess where the young folks are expected to find work.

the evidence suggests older folks are increasing afraid to retire fully. whether or not their fears are justified remains to be seen. But the fact is they are increasingly consuming or retraining works they have more experience and are more willing to work part time.

this is an economic disaster. the old would not be stealing jobs from the young.