Cause and Effect

Everyone hates spam. There are even laws against it. Silly laws, but laws nonetheless. So how is there still so much spam being sent. At this point it should be a bad business model to send spam. It should yield little to no results. If it does still pay off then it's no longer the spammers who are to blame for spam. It's now the people who make spamming worthwhile who are the real culprits. It's their fault that spam still exists. They are the problem.

Spam has ceased to have victims. It's not possible. Since everyone knows about spam. And spam is against the law. Since there are filters in place. Filter which not only weed out all the spam, but also sometimes put genuine emails in there as well.

If spamming is still profitable. Which it appears to still be given the amount of spam that floods my spam box on an hourly basis. If this is the case,  the fault now lies with the recipients. The people that open it and go to the sites and purchase the erection medicines.  Congratualations. you are officially dumber than a bag of rocks.