The Real War

It really saddens me when ignorant patriots go on and on about the brave men and women of the military who are defending our freedom. They are only perpetuating the myth that today's military forces are fighting for a just cause.

And while I've no doubt that these soldiers singed on with every good intention to serve their fellow man and keep freedom safe, they have been deceived.

They amount to nothing more than bullies. Intimidating small countries with the natural resources we lack.

They serve the corporate agenda and the captialist machine. They aren't losing limbs or dying for freedom. Not anymore. We're not even all that free anymore. Most Americans are virtual slaves. Working poor. Laboring to feed their families on unrealistic wages while CEO's and stockholders expand their massive wealth.

I don't understand how anyone can still believe in the concept of American freedom since Snowden and Wikileaks and all the rest of the crazy shit.

If our fighting men and women of the armed forces truly wish to defend our freedom then they need ot come home and refuse to fight egregious wars. They need to tell the government they will not be the foot soldiers in their global bullying tactics and the oppression of the American people.

The government's power lives in the heart of the military.

If our men and women of the armed forces truly wish to defend our freedom they need to stop fighting and take a stand against the corporate machine that has overtaken our once great democracy.