Holiday Magic

I'm a fan of Christmas. Not in the religious sense. Just the overall concept. Being kind and thoughtful. Shouldn't that be a year round expectation?

I like the idea of exchanging gifts and sharing a long meal. Spending the whole day together and not working. Looking and hunting and scanning your memory banks for the perfect presents is like a wonderful puzzle. Wrapping and decorating the packages. Like so much sentimental origami.

Christians and Jews can take credit for the initiation of this season. But it's the casually religious and he atheisits who have made in as expansive as it is. Just regular people looking for a little more meanign.

I don't so much look forward to receiving as I do their reactions when they find out what I've given. That's where the real joy hides. The thought it takes. The effort and the commitment required to devise wonderful gifts. It sounds simple, but it isn't. Only children are easy to shop for. Everyone else is a pain in the ass. Still I love it. The quest. The expectation. The pins and needles count down. The eventual reveal. So satisfying. So worth it.

I wish we could do it more than only once a year.