It's Almost Christmas

After work tonight (December 23) I went to the stores looking for last minute gifts. I hadn't originally planned on doing so. But a gift I ordered online came late. It was missent and only just arrived today. So anticpating I may not receive it in time I purchase an alternate gift. When it finally came I decided to just give the person both the original and alternate gift anyway. That led me to want to get something extra for someone else so they would get roughly the same amount of presents.

I browsed Marshalls and Five Below and Kohls. I had a nice coupon for Kolhs, but the lines were sooooo looong.

Was looking specifically for a critter cap. You know, those cute knit winter hats that look like animal faces. I have a monkey I got last Christmas. My brother has a bunny I gave him last year. I was looking for a cute one for my Mom Unfortunately the hat sections of all three stores were pretty much picked clean. Five Below had a few, but they looked cheap and I didn't care for them.

I scoured both Kohls and Marshals and simply couldn't find a single critter cap. Shucks.

I finally decided on a calender. My mom has to have a paper calender every year, even though she has half a dozen devices with built in calenders. Also some fuzzy slipper socks with grippers on the bottoms. And a little more chocolate. She can never have too much chocolate.

There was a really interesting tin of chocolate dipped Oreo cookies in Marshalls. I thought it was awesome at first and was about to get it. But $20 just seemed wrong to pay for oreos. Couldn't do it. Oreos are pretty sucky cookies. Dip them in chocolate they're a little bit better. But not twenty bucks better.

I hadn't been shopping this close to Christmas since forever. It was interesting. So many folks wait til the last minute. By then all the best stuff is gone. Better sales, less selection. It's a fun atmosphere. But I don't recommend it. The lines are long and the choices are limited.

The most curious thing of all was all the Chassidic Jews who were out Christmas shopping at zero hour. There were lots of them. I was surprised. Hanukkah is long over. I guess they must have friends and business contacts who are Christian. How classy/thoughtful/savvy.