The Chicken Breast Lie

are you spending your money to buy yourself boneless, skinless chicken breasts only to wind up eating expensive tastelesss rubber?

here's some news. chicken thighs taste better and cost less. they're not terribly fatty, but do produce a moister, tastier meat. They cost far less and taste much better.

Your best bet is to buy bone in, skin on. Cook them that way, but don't eat the skin. You'll get a juicy and flavorfull meat.

They're also very easy to prepare.Rub with salt, pepper and paprikia. Sear in an oven safe skillet with a little oil. Then transfer to a 350 degree oven. Cook until 162 degrees. Then less rest for at least 5 minutes before consuming.

You can also reheat pre-roasted potatoes and vegetables for 5-10 minutes in the skillet in the oven with the chicken. Cooking in the oil and juices will give a phenomenal flavor and delicious crunch.

Chicken breast is overpriced, flavorless and just not worth eating.

Chicken thighs offer superior flavor at a drastically lower cost. Don't be fooled again.

If you must have chicken breats always use bone in and skin on breasts. Cook in the skin, but don't consume it.

Always seat large cuts and then transfer to the oven to finish.