Commission Injunction

Is what Commission Junction does legal? I signed up with them ages ago. Thinking I'd do a Halloween site and make big bucks. As with most affiliate programs I only made a few dollars commissions.

I revisited the program later. And earned around $7 from an army navy site.

All in all I probably earned $25 total.

They've paid me exactly zero.

And sonehow, according to their accounting system they don't owe me anything.

How does that work out?

 I call shenanigans!

Commission Junction is the biggest legal scam on the internet. They generate tons of sales for advertisers, yet never actually reimburse the majority of affiliates who generate them. A genious business model.

Earnings mysteriously vanish. They get paid. And the seller gets their sale. But somehow the people who made it all happen wind up with nothing.

Sounds like America to me.