Rear Wheel Morons

No one in the Northeast should ever own a Ford vehicle. They are terrible in snow. I once dated a guy who owned a mustang. It couldn't get out of our parking space in 2 inches of snow. It's that rear wheel drive. It's worse than useless in the white stuff.

I have a neighbor now who has a huge F150 truck. Thing is sooo loud. It's about 14 feet tall altogether. Huge 4 foot tires. It's a monster. Yet it gets stuck in 4 inches of snow. The tires spin and it goes nowhere. It should in theory easily glide over any accumlation, instead it just spins and makes tons of noise.

I've driven small cars all my life. A suburu, a tercel, a yaris. Deep snow is a problem. They're not high enough. But they get pretty good traction going through anything lower than they ride. They're not engineered for snow per se, but they handle it quite well.

My brother always drives nissans. Sentras, that sort of mid sized deal. He does okay too. As long as the body of the car isn't cut off by the accumulation you can navigate the snow pretty well.

It all leads me back to the conclusion that people who choose to drive fords are morons. They suck. They're not even really American cars. If that's what you're after. They're full of foreign parts. Toyotas are just as American. They can be assembled here. Depends on the model.

People who drive Fords no doubt think welfare is responsible for the recession and that their vote actually matters.

Good luck with that.