Seldom Cyrano's

My mother puzzles me. She has become so rigid in her old age. And she fixates on certain things. In the last 5 or 10 yeasrs I've changed a lot. First vegetarian. Then vegan. Then confused amongst the two. But on the whole, flexible.

She's just so stubborn. Impossible to reason with. She's developed this set of foods she has to eat every day or she'll have a fit. And she keeps adding to the list.

First it was just yogurt. Yuck, by the way. But she likes it. Fine. She for no discernable reason has to consume yogurt on a daily basis. Not a big deal.

But since then she's also added cereal, almond milk and blueberries to the list.

The kicker being I turned her onto to cereal. Not realizing she would fixate on it. I also turned her on to almond milk. Which she now claims she has to have. Because cow's milk causes digestive distresss. Although it never did in the past. She's just eating to much yogurt. Bur she still has to have cheese for sandwiches. She can only eat milk products when they suit her tastes. It hardly seems liek lactose intolerance. More like lactose abuse.

She's continued to add must haves. Sweet potatoes and iceberg lettuce salad being the most recent. Sweet potatoes are healthy.

Maybe I'm crazy. That's what she would say. But I think it's irresponsible to eat in such a manner. You don't just eat whatever you want regardless of the season. You don't just biy it because you like it. You eat as the Earth dictates. Consuming what the seasons see fit to dole out. You consume in sync with the planet. It's not just cheaper, it tastes better too.

But she can't be reasoned with. I'm just telling her what to do. But she's not my child. So it's a struggle to enforce. Old people don't see the chages in themselves. Maybe no people do. But the circle of life is quite real. You begin life as a child and you end it in the same fashion.

It seems to me people are a lot like plants. the older they get, the more bitter they become.