The Merits of Suicide

One thing I don't understand, never have and never will, is most people's aversion to suicide. People as a whole all seems to labor under the delusion that it's bad. Why I'm not really sure. How exactly is taking up space and resources a better alternative?

There seems to be this pervasive belief that human life is special somehow. Does no one other than me see that this is just narcissim? People like to believe they are so fucking importnatn. Murder other animals, that's fine by them. Hypocrites.

People are not special. Not in any measureable way. They are just another animal the Earth has produced. They are a much more arrogant animal, but that is all.

The human desire to be the center of the universe is pervasive throughout history. The idea that the sun revolved around the Earth being the first recorded evidence.

The human psyche is obviously too fragile to cope with a world in which they are not resising in the upper echelons of existence.

Suicide is terrifying. It takes so much courage to actually kill yourself. It's not the easy way out. Quite the opposite. It's a lonely and frightening endeavor.

Life is the coward's way out. Just trundle on waiting for nature to take it's course. That is the coward's answer. There is no merit in living. No one is that special. Living is easy. I do it every day. I simply take no action and I'm still alive. There's no nobility in living. It's just interia.

Suicide is not weakness. Is not fear. It's quite the opposite. I'm terrified of killing myself. I wish I had the balls to do it. I'm a coward because I can't muster the courage to stab myself in the chest.

If you enjoy your life by all means continue on that path. but people need to pull their heads out of their asses. life ain't that grand.

this notion that humans are so much more important is simply ridiculous. if it's acceptable for cows and chicken to die, then it's acceptable for hunans.

happiness is a fickle mistress. not everyone is lucky enough to find themselves in her good graces. Suicide is not a shameful act.

We don't get to choose if we are to be born. We should at least be allowed to decide if we are to die.


  1. Good points all. I've always said if I am diagnosed with an incurable disease (hopefully no time soon) I am not opposed to jumping off the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. It's an 11 second plunge and you are gone. Certainly more humane than dying in a hospital.


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