Pleats in the Grass

I have somewhat of a sugar addiction, among others. A little bit leads to days of snacking on it. I don't down whole bags of cookies or anything. I'll just have one or two pieces of chocolate or a few cookies a day. But it all adds up over time.

A little taste of the sweet stuff is all it takes to get me snacking on it again. Even faux sugar stuffs like diet drinks can lead to indulgences.

It's interesting to me how easy it is to slip back into that old pattern. Doesn't really seem all that different from any other so called drug.

Ultimately the fault lies with me. I make the choices. But some choices are and always will be so much harder than others.

It's been studied and I suspect there is some truth to it. Sugar has pleasure effects on the brain much the same as more illicit substances. And who doesn't want to feel good deep down inside where nothing else but chemistry can reach?

We struggle our entire lives to achieve even a small thread of happiness. It's no wonder any available pleasure has such an addictive appeal.

Most people find their sweet spots in work or family.  But those of us who do not... how are we to be expected to resist the alternatives?