A Chorus of Then

I went back to some places I hadn't been to in years. Many years. I dug out the bicycle and began to ride. It was hard at first. It got easy fast. Somethings are just a part of the DNA. Some people run. Others bike. We can stop, but can't really. It's always there. Waiting for the muscles to remember how real it was.

It's awful and wonderful at the same time. You don't even understand why you want it so much. You just know that you do. There's a compulsion to wonder. To go far and get lsot. And see if you can determine your path back.

There's uncertainty. There's forgetting. How you got there. How to go back. It's frightening and wonderful.

It was Easter Sunday. I bought two soft pretzels. They were $1 each and terrible. But it was awesome. I'd gone so far and I wanted to keep going, but my legs had other plans. I wanted to learn those new places. There was hardly time to remember. The road was fast and calloused. And I was so thirsty and unsure what road would greet me next.

It was warm and sunny. It hadn't rained at all. The hills came often. The wind was persistant. But the road took me further than I thought it would. Every direction sung