Diet Soda Discrimination

Something really bugs me about all those so-called health articles about the 'dangers' of diet soda. They're always saying how artificial sweetener is the reason it's so bad, but it's not as if soda is the old product containing artificial sweetener.

Light yogurt is full of NutraSweet. But does anyone in the health community warn folks against consuming it? Nope. Everyone treats yogurt like it's some kind of god-food that can do no wrong.

Well, if NutraSweet is evil in soda, then it's evil in yogurt too. That's just a fact. Deal with it!

I don't understand this recent need to vilify diet soda. I guess they killed cigarettes and now they're bored. They need an adversary.

No one says how bad diet iced tea is or crystal light. They have the same sweeteners are diet soda. No one goes around telling us to stop chewing sugar free gum. In fact, it's sometimes encouraged. But guess what, that has NutraSweet in it too.

If NutraSweet is in fact bad for us and making us all fat, shouldn't we be avoiding it regardless of what food is the delivery device? If you're going to say artificial sweetener is bad, then you have to condemn all foods that contain it. You can't just single out diet cola and call that sound science.

This blog was not paid for by the makers of NutraSweet. I just get ticked off when the media perpetrates its asinine lies. They ruined cigarettes. Now they're trying to ruin diet soda. They need to be stopped. Who knows what awesome thing they'll ruin next.