Cycling the Jersey Shore

I rode for this park called Echo Lake in Howell Township. I'd never been there before. It looked interesting in google maps. When I got there it was pretty unimpressive. A small, man-made lake for fishing and nothing more.

So I did what any good cyclist does in such a situation. I wandered, explored. I like to use traffic as a guide. I find it serves me well. Where the cars tend to go there are places people want to be and/or main roads to take you home if you're lost. When in doubt or looking for an area of interest I always follow the flow of traffic. It's led to many interesting discoveries.

That's how I accidentally wound up at the Manasquan Reservoir Park. I was very pleasantly surprised. It's a huge outdoor space replete with gorgeous nature views and a very long trail around the perimeter.

It was very crowded for a Wedneday morning. Lots of walkers, joggers and cyclists.

I wasn't sure about traversing the trail since it had been quite a ride just to get there and would be quuite a ride to get back, but I went ahead and did it anyway. Overall, it's so heavily trafficked that it's hard to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Maybe it's nicer on foot.

The smaller bike paths in the more modest parks of Lakewood and Toms River offer a more laid back and leisurely experience. The kind more suited to taking in the beauty of your surroundings.

Still, the long, winding and occasionally difficult terrain was an interesting experience I can see myself revisiting from time to time. And some of the views were really impressive.

I definitely need to come back with a decent phone sometime to get some nice photos/