Go Ride a Bike

This Sunday I rode my bike out to the Belmar area. Enjoyed cruising the boardwalk and Main Street. Took in the atmosphere of Avon by the Sea, Lake Como, Bradley Beach and Ocean Grove. Revelled in cycling over the drawbridges. Marvelled at the sheer girth of eateries. Belmar likes it food.

I wanted to stop and try every one. It all smelled so good and looked so inviting.

I had never been before, even though it's not too far away. I just always defaulted to either Pt. Pleasant Beach or Seaside Heights. Having grown up in Ocean County it seemed the right thing to do. But Monmouth County has a lot of amenities to offer visitors and locals.

Got a little sunburned in the process. I forgot how much more intense the UV rays are when close to the ocean.  Still it was well worth it.

Manasquan is always lovely. Had been there before. That town always smells so good. All the bakeries and upscale bistros just fill the air with intoxicating aromas.

The best part was how Main Street had a designated bicycle lane right next to the parallel street parking. It was really nice. I felt like I mattered even though I was only riding a bike. In a lot of Jersey towns a cyclist can feel more like a road hazard rather than a part of the flow of traffic.

It was the weekend before Memorial Day so it was pretty quiet. Even so, there were lots of cyclists and pedestrians enjoying a beautiful Jersey Shore Sunday in the sunshine.

A year and a half after Hurricane Sandy reconstructions and repairs were still going on. A lot of folks waited a long time just to get their insurance to pay off.

Belmar boasted a new and pristine boardwalk structure of man-made materials. It looked beautiful and was lovely to ride on.

I quite enjoyed my visit and look forward to returning sometime in the not too distant future. Next time with a little more sunscreen and a bigger appetite.