Dear Google

Dear Google,

I love you, but you're data is being manipulated.

As someone with access to traffic stats for various small businesses, I can say the decline over the last several years is shocking.

In 2008 a small internet business of any range of genres garnered 3-4 times the search traffic it does today.

It's not that these merchants have all stopped selling relevant products. It's that the search algorithms are being manipulated by bigger businesses with more resources.

And perhaps that is just evolution. Survival of the fittest an all that.

But it seems to me it's the expressed duty of a search portal as powerful as Google to make certain that there's a level playing field for big and small alike.

Even non-commercial sites are suffering the same lack of search traffic. Pushed out by advertiser revenue driven clones. Something as innocent as poetry is now a revenue stream to exploit. Ordinary poetry websties are left in the dust. The average user will never know that they exist.

Small businesses that flourished only 5-10 years previous are now ghost towns. They simply can't match the link votes of a big business that can surreptitiously purchase them.

Commercially the interenet has equalized with reality. Creativly as well. It's no longer the even playing field it once was.

Small business again is in the shadows. And should plan on remaining there.