Origami Revelations

I have a stupid question to ask the internet. Why are all origami books the same bitter disappointmetn?

Instead of being enlightening or even just entertaining, they all feel like rip offs. The same simple series of folds in the same order, just with different colors of paper.

Or the same complex series of fold in the same order, just with a different number of sides to the paper.

I've found numerous fascinating and engaging origami diagrams and tutorials on youtube and the internet for absolutely no cost. I've learned a lot and enjoyed myself for hours at a time.

So how is it that when I actually shell out some money for an actual book about it, it's always an incredible disappointment.

Says a lot about the publishing industry, is my first conclusion.

Like the tv industry its voracious appetite far exceeds its limited capabilities.

The fact that such an ancient art as folding paper is still popular today is amazing.Save your money. Don't buy the literature. It's shallow and uninspired. Google will offer far more at no cost.

Now if only someone would explain to the chick from HBO's Girls that she's not so much insightful, as she is whiny,  then we might have something there. .

Kids these days. You can't strangle them. You can't dismember them. What's left?