Thanksgiving Non-Traditions

This year my family (which is just me, my mom and my brother) decided collectively that we would have steak. Filet mignon actually. I didn't want to have steak. I was suggesting it for them. Cause they couldn't seem to agree on any other dead things.  I thought I could just make something else proteiny for myself. Apparently that is unacceptable. We must all partake of the ritual sacrifice.

I fail to understand why that is necessary, but I will comply.

So the menu will be filet mignon cooked to medium and basted in garlic butter garnished with parmesean, carmelized onions and parsley. A cream sauce made from the pan drippings. Baked potatoes also with parmesean and parsley. Cauliflower. French bread. And for dessert chocolate chip cookies.

Not your typical Thanksgiving fare. That's just how we roll.

Last year we did baked ziti, which I love, accompanied with meatballs (the meatballs,  for some reason, I was not required to eat and that was fine by me) and cheesy biscuits and garlic dinner rolls with again chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

The year before that we did shrimp scampi. Tyler Florence's recipe. It was really good. I think we also had garlic crescent rolls and chocolate chip cookies.

Yeah, we really like chocolate chip cookies. Although one year I did these vegan brownie balls. They were weird, but tasted awesome.

How does your family celebrate Thanksgiving?