Retail Chritmas Season

There were so many returns tonight. I'm pretty sure some people have some scams going on. There's no other logical explanation for this massive amount of returns prior to Christmas.

It's not that hard to get something at a big discount and then return it later and get back the regular price. It happens all the time.

After 10:30pm most of the lights go out. But still we were scrambling to pick stuff up off of the floor and put returns back in their places.

Ironically, I got a call only hours earler from one of the managers. She said we would probably be done by 10:30p. So even though I was scheduled for 7pm-11pm, I could come in earlier if I wanted.

I opted not to do so.

I think it may have been a ploy to lure me in sooner. Cause it was more hectic than ever. Personally I think it would be more effective to just say what you need. Come in early, it's bsuier than expected.

Retail is a cruel mistress indeed.