The Toilet Paper Deception

So I'm in A&P and Cottonelle toilet paper is supposed to be on sale. There are a few different packages to from which to choose. There's the aloe vera kind, which is usually less paper for the same money. That lotion ain't free folks.

When my eye is drawn to the large and bold advertisement of 25% more. Who doesn't want 25% more for the same price?

There are some packages with this proclamation and others without it. So distrustful person that I am, I read the details on how much paper you actually receive.

The 25% more package has 133 square feet. The ordinary package has 145. So I'm confused. What gives? Then I read the fine print at the bottom of the yellow stripe. 25% more than Charmin Ultra strong double roll. That's what it says.

The 25% more package is newer and they've actually shrunk the contents (again). But instead of just leaving it at quietly giving us less product for the same amount of money, they've actually gone ahead and tried to deceive us into thinking they're doing us a favor and giving us more product.

It's genius. Pure, evil genius. Don Draper would be very impressed.