Ally Bank Mystery

So I tried to open an Ally bank account. I went to their website and clicked the open an account link and filled out the relevant info.

At the end of the process I was merely given a page with a statement telling me my application had been received. No confirmation number, no further details on what I should expect next.

Several days passed and I received no email confirmation or acknowledgement. I surmised that perhaps I would receive further details via snail mail.

Then I got a voicemail from them asking me to call them at my earliest convenience. I also got an email message reiterating the same.

So I did call them, as requested, only to be told the rep could not find any record of me at all. So I said, but you guys contacted me and asked me to call you. How'd you do that if you have no record of me. I wasn't mad or anything, just perplexed.

He seemed very confused and jsut said there might be a lag time between when they contact me and when the system actually populates with my info. I just thanked him and let it go. But that seems rather unlikely. And were it true, is a little bit alarming.

He told me to call back tomorrow. I don't know. I'm no longer comfortable entrusting these people with custodial care over my money.