Interstellar: Tick Tock

Here's my issue with the movie Interstellar... and it's not that same as every one else. They're all talking about the time paradox. How can we do something in the future to save our past which ultimately leads to our future.

It does seem impossible.

The planar time folks have already spoken on that. It's as good an explanation as any. I can be satisfied with it.

What irks me is the watch. He transmitted data on the black hole via a watch movement? That's just ridiculous.

Bent time... I'm on board. Future "preceding" the past... I'm okay with that as well.

But transmitting meaningful scientific data by way of a simple mechanical timepiece, that's where I have to press pause and say, no sir. a line has to be drawn sir. and that the line must be drawn here!

If she was named after Murphy's Law, was her brother Tom's name a nod to The Grapes of Wrath?

Also why did everyone say her name so much? They were all calling her Murph so often that it began to become a distraction. Real people don't talk like that.

For a while there it began to sound like that Keifer Sutherland tv show Touch where he was constantly screaming Jake over and over again for 40 minutes at a time, once a week, until at last, it was mercifully cancelled.