Comcast Madness (In a Good Way)

The funniest thing happened to me on the way to get a modem. No seriously... something crazy really did happen with comcast. Not crazy bad, like most stories about them. Actually pretty good. I'm no fan of them. They will drive you crazy. I think I just got lucky is all.

When my modem couldn't connect on March 16 and 2nd level tech support said it ws either my modem or my lines, I asked how much to rent a comcast modem. I figured I could return it at any time and it would be good in the interim. He said $9 or $10.

So rather than run to best buy and make a rash purchase I ran to comcast and made a rash rental instead.

When the lady at the counter asked me what I needed, I said I wanted to rent a modem. I also double checked with her. I said it's around $9, right? And she agreed.

The whole transaction took only minutes. She asked for my home phone and then promptly presented me with their all in one gateway device (internet, router, phone). Apparently, anyone who knows my home phone can show up at comcast and rent modems under my account.

A couple weeks later I received my bill and was more than a little confused. It stated that I was now the proud owner of HD Preferred XF Bundle at $119.99 for a period of 12 months. Plus a few taxes, surchages and adapter fees. $128.57 total. But this now includes HD channels, Starz, Performance Internet and Xfinity Voice.

Thing is, I'd always had Digital Starter TV and Peformance Internet. No phone. For many, many years. I never asked for any upgrades and was never told any were intiated on my behalf.

There was even a brand new phone number given to us that was listed on the bill. This was news to me.

No one ever said the TV had been upgraded or that phone had been added. I could've been watching all these additional channels and I could've been watching them in HD. I might not have renewed with magicjack, which I just did days ago. But I had no idea I had all these new features.

Weirdest part is, the bill still only rose the $9 they originally said for the cost of the modem. My old bill was $119.74 for just internet and TV. TV with far fewer channels, No Starz and no HD. And no phone service at all. And somehow because I walked into the local office and asked to rent a modem, I'm receiving all these numerous extras for just the cost of renting a modem. And no one thought this was information that they should share with me.

So the next time you're unhappy with the price/value of your comcast service, try going in and renting a modem and you might just get a nice surprise.