Drivers of New Jersey I Ask You Why

In the state of New Jersey the vehicle to your right has the right of way. This normally applies to uncontrolled intersections or multi-stop sign ones. Not that anyone issued a driver's license seems to understand this concept. Their ignorance of this statute is never more apparent than when one is a bicyclist riding in traffic.

When you are at an intersection and a cyclist is to your right that cyclist is the vehicle to your right and therefore has the right of way. If you wish to make a right turn and the cyclist is going straight through the intersection, then you must yield to the cyclist.

The rules of the road are all well and good. We all disobey them here, there and everywhere. I haven't come to a complete stop at a stop sign without oncoming traffic since forever.

So don't obey traffic laws. Honestly, I don't care.

What baffles me. What truly boggles my mind is that people will just simply go without any worry about killing someone or maiming someone for life.

Automobile drivers in New Jersey are a curious animal. It seems like when people get behind the wheel some part of their brain turns off that's normally active.

You wouldn't swing a bat at some innocent person's head. You wouldn't shoot someone just for walking down the street. You wouldn't punch someone in the face who's just standing there.

Yet when driving your vehicle you'll quite confidently keep going though the sign says to yield. You'll keep accelarting even as a pedestrian tries to cross the street. You'll make a right turn inches in front of a cyclist attempting to go straight.

Even if you don't understand that you're supposed to yield, (you are supposed to yield by the way),  shouldn't your conscience compel you to yield? Seriously.

If you do not yield, you could literally end someone's life!

When a motor vehicle and a bicyclist collide, the motor vehicle is going to win every time.