Food Lies

Here's something I've wondered about for quite some time now. Health activists, dieticians, doctors, scientists... they're always saying soda is bad for you. Diet soda is bad and regular sugar soda is bad too. They're bad for you because fake sugar and regular sugar are bad for you.

But lots of other foods contain equal amounts of either real sugar or fake sugar and nobody ever rags on them.

How about yogurt. Yogurt really annoys me because it's always touted as being so healthy. Everyone is always going on about how good it is for you. No one ever says stay away from those lite yogurts because they're full of cancer causing aspartame. No one. Ever.

And non lite yogurt is just as bad. It has tons and tons of sugar. Like candy bar amounts of sugar. But no one ever says you shouldn't eat yogurt because it's full of unhealthy sugar. No one. Ever.

Spaghetti sauce is also full of sugar and salt. No one ever publishes articles on the dangers of eating tomato sauce. Instead we're told it's good for us.

Instant oatmeal. No studies on how bad that is for us. Yet it's got lots of sugar and very little nutrition thanks to over-processing. But we're constantly being told how oatmeal is good for us. No one ever specifies that instant oats are not a part of this equation. Ever see any articles on the dangers of consuming instant oatmeal? Yeah... No.

All these so-called experts and advocates are nothing more than hypocrites, liars and political/industry pawns.

And on another food related note... why do christians eat ham on easter? It makes no sense. Jesus was jewish and therefore would never have eaten ham.