MasterChef Cinnamon Rolls Challenge Bogus

On the latest episode of MasterChef (USA) the elimination challenge was to make cinnamon rolls in 45 minutes. The problem? Cinnamon rolls are a yeast risen dough and the dough rise alone takes at least an hour.

Yet the show went on pretending as though the contestants were creating the rolls from scratch, plus icing in the allotted 3/4 hours.

I realize that step could've been omitted. If all contestants were permitted to create and rise their dough prior to the timed portion and started all on equal footing it would not affect the overall outcome.

Reality TV often skips ahead for the sake of expediency. However, the contestants are clearly seen mixing dough from scratch during the challenge. There is no mention of yeast or rising. And the message that only 45 minutes are allowed is vehemently reinforced. Regardless of whether or not it has any impact on the end result, to pretend the entire feat can be accomplished in only 45 minutes, is insulting to viewers. And bad form as far as urgency tactics go.

Most folks who watch cooking shows know how to cook. To try to imply that one can make genuine cinnamon buns in that amount of time is ridiculous and insulting.

I know it sounds crazy, but just be honest. Your audience will appreciate it.