America has become a massive joke. This upcoming election is nothing short of embarrassing. Nothing seems to be real anymore. It's all just fodder for the media. A half turned thought that expires in the small space where it barely lived.

Clowns and hypocrites and lunatics. Those are our leaders. As if we have a choice in who shall lead us. As if wealth isn't the determining factor in all things of power and influence.

Was a time I thought Obama was something big. Something new and powerful.

That fact is, there is nothing new. Nothing real. Nothing at all substantial. There are only cartoon faces and demented machetes of men. All of them clamoring for a fading a pot of gold in the midst of our collective apocalypse.

Politics are at best a dialogue. At worst, a gauntlet. We are all of us, delusional pragmatists. Imagining there is an end to this eternal conflict.

We wager our fury in bursts of righteousness not fit for human consumption. We vainly declare ourselves guardians of a world that is much more powerful that we could ever hope to become.

We stumble through our hysteria and greed. Crazed lemmings unaware of the cliff. Certain gravity will spare us.

Our self-importance is epic. Our ignorance is immeasurable. As a species we are a balck hole of self awareness. Entirely reliant of the premise of God. That a supernatural force will eventually save us all.

And we call animals dumb?