Go Bernie

Here's why anyone who votes for a republican is 100% wrong. Politics is a lot like a relationship. And if you're in love with a republican it's a bad one.

You know those women you see on the news. the ones that let their choice of lover ruin them. that's what voting for a republican will do.

you'll be beaten and abused and excepted to still cook dinner for them and have their laundry folded.

this is not to say that all republicans are bad. well, actually, yeah, it is.

given the current state of the union... i realize many have issue with Obama. to that I can only say, he's just one man. He's been a bit of a disappointment, but is a dream compared to the alternative. .

It's more than apparent that any leader with a liberal agenda is doomed.

Amazingly sneaky presidents like bubba are the rarity. most times we have to settle for the lesser of two evils.

it's really not a very difficult choice when donald trump is the gop front runner. i cna't help but wonder, even as a detractor, what the fuck happened to the republican party. seriously? this is your guy/ what are you smoking. cuz whatever it is, you're trying to outlaw it.

meanwhile hillary and bernie are duking it out. bernie's right. a president can only do so mucu. the power is sperad out.

but even if he can't do much. i'd rather have him trying and failing, than anyone else.

contrary to christian insistance, we're a liberal nation. let's prove it once and for all.