Snowmaggedon 2016

Here on the Jersey Shore... Monday... after a Saturday storm roads are still a bit of a mess. Two lane divided highways are down to one lane each way. U-turns are impassible. Parking lot usability is random.

Schools were closed on Monday here, though the brunt of the storm hit on Saturday.

I measured 15 inches of snow in my front yard before it began melting.

Started digging out on Saturday. Continued the process on Sunday. Rested on Monday. Went out to the store. Everyone was out after being cooped up. It's funny. People are funny. I saw quite a few people driving around on Saturday and Sunday. Just getting in the way of the plows mostly. Being stubborn douche bags.

By Monday all were out in full force except for the senior citizens.

Parking lots were a mess. Walls of snow blocked visbility. Some u-turns remained impassable.

But the kids were out playing. Making a ruccus and generally enjoying themselves.

Extreme weather seems the norm of late. Extreme everything really.