One Nation Under Stupidity

So where I live and consequently, where I walk there is a pedestrian overpass for the highway. There are bus stops on both ends of this pedestrian walkway. The walkway is basically a long bridge that aerially traverses the highway. In New Jersey this highway that runs the length of the state North and South is dubbed "The Parkway". Don't ask me why it's called that. No one knows.

Pedestrians are strictly prohibited from ever being on the parkway. It is for motor vehicles only.

However, these bus stops that are on either side of this pedestrian overpass are situated at the on and off ramps of the parkway. Making it easy for the commuter busses to pick up and drop off people. Also, meaning that those that utilize the bus services must walk on the on/off ramps to get to/from their next destination. This is common knowledge in the area where I live. This is not a new installation. It has been this way for many years.

It's a very short walk from either side to regular roadways and sidewalks. Less than 500 feet.

I often use this pedestrian bridge as a shortcut even though I am not riding the bus.

This Sunday I was using it as I often am given to do. I was halfway to the end when I hear a crazy, manic honking happening behind me.

It's important to understand that this is a single lane off ramp. No one can be cutting anyone off.

I continue walking as this crazy horn honking continues. I don't acknowledge it. I will not give them the satisfaction of having rattled me.

No cars pass by me for several more paces.

Finally a white car passes still honking madly. No other cars anywhere around it. No reason at all for all the commotion it's causing. It has the run of the road.

As it flies by me (much too fast toward the approaching red light and integrating u-turn traffic) I see a Trump bumper sticker in its back window.

I am not surprised.