Walmart Closures

There's been a lot of news about Walmart closures recently. They came into a location, they squeezed the small stores out of business, but now they're closing their doors as well. Leaving many smaller communities with a deficit of retailers and food stores.

While no one hates Walmart more than me, isn't it truly the fault of consumers for abandoning their local retailers in favor of the retail giant.

You're midwest, rural southern, or other non urban shopper A or B and you've been buying from little store A or B for the passed 20 years. Walmart rolls into town and you just forget that small business that served you all those years because Walmart is selling flour and chicken for a few cents less per pound. Now the little stores are gone because you shifted your business to Walmart. Now Walmart is gone, because there aren't enough people in your area for them to make the profits they're accustomed to making. Now you have nowhere to shop. You have only yourself to blame.

You chose to abandon those small stores that had served you so well all those years in favor of the Walmart capitalist machine.

You made your bed. Now it's time to lie in it.