Pretty People Only Need Apply

I went to the new Xfinity store today. They moved from a very old building here in town to a fancy new one about 10 miles aways. To be fair the new location makes sense, if not for me personally, for the majority of their customers.

I watched an episode of "Chopped" while I waited to be called on for service.

The new facility was luxurious and clean.

Here's my issue. Comcast reps are always very attractive. Noticably so. As far back as I can remember. And I've been a customer for at least 20 years.

Back when they first took over from @home, I had frequent visits from technicians to diagnose my internet problems. They were always quite attractive.

When I used to visit the old, now closed office, the ladies there were pleasant, but not the most beautiful.

Now they have the new place and all the reps behave quite nicely, but are also wildly good looking.

While I'm sure many companies practice this policy, I've noticed it most prominently in comcast.

Per my experience, there are plenty of less attractive people working at Shoprite, Target, Kohls, Dunkin Donuts, Wawa, Kmart, CVS and more.

I think it's a form of discimination that's easily overlooked, but prevalently in use.