Empirical Evidence

Saying god is not a fact is not the same as saying god doesn't exist. Although, my personal belief is that infact, there is no magic man in the sky,

God is not a provable fact. That is a fact. It cannot be proven that god exists. On the other hand, it also cannot be proven that god does not exist. Such is the conundrum in which we are stuck.

The lesson... believe what you will, but recognize it is only a belief. It is not now nor has it ever been a fact.

And before you make a comment to tell me the bible is proof, let me just stop you there. the bible is not proof of anything. it's a book, written a long time ago, by very primitive people, with an extremely limited understanding of the world around them. it's a collection of ancient anecdotes compiled by ignorant humans. there's absolutely no evidence to support the assertion tthat the bible is the word of god. the fact is, the bible is a just the ramblings of a bunch of ancient people. Same goes for the Torah and the Qoran. All of it the beliefs of ancient people. Not proof of anything.

There was a time the Romans, Greeks and Norse all were quite sure their gods were very real. They've since all been relegated to mythology. Hint. Hint.

Here's what amuses me most about religion. The vast majority of folks are born into their religions. Their parents are whatever denomination or variation on the almighty theory. Yet everyone thinks their religion is right. Of all the religions in all the world, of which there are many, what are the odds you just so happened to be born into the right one. Not too good.