Hate Politics

Here's what I wonder. Thanks to Donald Trump every idiot is always going on about illegals and how they shouldn't be here and they're ruining everything.

What do they actually believe will happen if all the illegals are rounded up and sent away? Do they imagine the heavens will open up and god will shit out gold bricks for america to run on?

Do they really believe natural born americans want those shitty jobs that illegals do for well below minimum wage?

In the history of scapegoats, which is a long history indeed, immigrants (legal or not) have been villified and blamed for every socio-economic malady under the sun.

Why don't we blame the people in charge? Why don't we blame the giant soul sucking corporations. Why don't we blame the criminal mortgage lending banks? Why don't we blame anyone who's really responsible?

I"ll tell you why. Because it's a hell of a lot easier to blame the folk who don't matter and can't defend themselves. Because xenophobia is real and so is reacism.

Because for the average american it's futile to demand accountability from the wealthy and powerful. that's a dead end street.

Throughout history we've always blamed the little guy. The minorities. The poor. The outsiders. When you yourself are powerless, you desire to find someone with even less power. So you can feel big. Those in power know that and they use it to manipulate the small minded among us.