The other night I watched the movie "Embers". It was about a not too distant future where a disease had rendered most of the population without memory. In it we encounter various people and discover how they deal wiith their illness, but more tellingly how they interact with others in spite of it.

There's the young couple who are in love. Every morning they wake up and don't know each other. Over the course of each new day they fall in love with each other again.

There's the professor trying to figure out how to remember. Inventing clever ways to not forget.

There's the child he encounters with whom he bonds.

There are the father and daughter in the bunker. They haven't been affected. They remember. She wishes she didn't.

The plot of the movie meanders and stumbles over itself very much like it is suffering from the same affliction as its characters. It's beautiful and hopeless.


  1. "beautiful and hopeless" I knew a girl like that once.


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