New Balance

I was always a diehard New Balance wearer. I wouldn't wear any other sneakers. Then Trump was elected and the company praised the outcome. Just like that I wanted nothing more to do with the company. I couldn't give them another cent of my money. I regretted all the money I'd previously given them.

It was an arduous journey looking for a new sneaker brand. Skechers and Fila use leather on many of their shoes. If I'm not going to eat it, I'm certainly not going to wear it.

I have very fussy feet. Fallen arches, wide feet  and messed up toes. It's not easy finding comfortable sneakers.

Addidas.. I already own a pair I like a lot. But they are cold in the winter and not that sturdy.

I googled vegetarian/vegan sneakers. They didn't have the best reviews. Also Zappos is very expensive.

So I tried Asics. I hastily grabbed a pair from Kohls and hoped for the best.

I've walked four days in a row for four or more hours at a time. But my feet would never know it.

Wish I'd found this brand sooner.

Yes. You read that right. I did stop buying sneakers based on the brand's politics. Didn't burn my old ones as some have. Though it was tempting. I'll give them to charity instead.