Weather Patterns

Wednesday was 65 F and I rode my bike. I was hot and sweating. Thursday there was a blizzard and I couldn't go to work.

I rode my bike to the bike shop for a pre-season tune-up.

The traffic was crazy. Worse than summer. Because the forecast predicted lots of snow. Every time that happens the people around herre run out to the grocery store and buy eggs and milk and bread and who knows what else. As if they're going to be trapped for days. Humans are such simple creatures.

I didn't go directly to the bike shop. I took a detour to the park. I've missed taking lazy detours. I've missed everything about bike riding. The way your thoughts fall away. The rush of happy brain chemicals. The feeling that every single individual moment is the only one that matters.

When I got to the shop there was another customer already there. He was on about drop bars and peugots and selling stuff. He annoyed me. He kept trying to engage the proprietor in conversation even though he clearly didn't want to continue the talk. Dude, go bother your spouse or friends. Not us.

Another customer walked in as I was gooing over things with the bike shop guy. But he just had to wait.

Here I thought that Februrary would be a slow month for bike shops.

For the most part, it's been a pretty tame winter. I guess all the cyclists are feeling like March might herald  the beginning of riding season this year.

I know I can't wait much longer. I desperately need out of my head and into my happy place.