Causal Relationships in the American Economy

Sad is it may be, there have to be poor people. That is the nature of our economy. It requires the poor. It needs the middle class. There cannot be wealth without thhose less fortunate.

So if you're affluent or better off, stop and think about the fact that you couldn't be in the state you're in without those that are not. Instead of crying about how they leach off your tax dollars, consider how your wealth depends upon them.

If you don't like it, then you don't like capitalism and should consider a more socialist approach. Capitalism requires the lower classes to sustain the wealth of the uppers.

The only alternatives are communism. Where all are equally destitute. Or socialism. Where instead of the poor contributing to the wealth of the rich, the rich contribute to the wealth of the poor.

So shut the fuck up and make your cchoice.