Origami Politics

I got a new phone with a much better camera which allows me to take awesome pictures of my origami like the ones in this post. The phone was free. The 300 minutes per month are free. The 50GB of data a month are free. Obamacare has been working out pretty nicely in the state of NJ.

I've been to the dentist and oral surgeon several times. Urgent care a few times. I've been to the eye doctor a few times. Got new prescription eyeglasses. A few pharmacy visits too. I'm somewhat accident prone. Haven't had to pay a single cent.

There's plenty to dislike about Jersey, but they did Obamacare mostly right.

A part of that is a federally sponsored cellphone plan called SafeLink. This feature allows for a free phone to those on NJ medicaid. I never took them up on that offer while Barry was the pres. I never would have, except a crazy person was "elected" (I use the term elected quite loosely) president and continues to be allowed to serve in that capacity despite being crazy, incompetent and an overall loathsome human being. So to spite the federal government, I took the offer of the free phone, which is much better than the one  for which I've been paying.

The origami is called Ryan's Tessellation. I saw it in the gallery at the back of Eric Gjerde's tessellations book and found a tutorial for it on flickr. It's very pretty. It makes a cute single module star or a stunning multi-cell tessellation which will impress your friends and showcase the great camera feature on your free federally sponsored ACA smart phone..